Monday, April 02, 2007

Film Score: Christmas Gift (Add link)

Christmas Gift (Music)

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Here is the movie~

1M1A-Main Title----------------------------------------------------------------------
At the night of Christmas Eve. A homeless boy is walking on the street by himself. He is cold and lonely. He yearns for getting together with his family and having a big feast with them. But he doesn’t have family He just by himself.

1M1B-Christmas Party---------------------------------------------------------------
In a Christmas party. Everyone is very happy and enjoy getting together.

1M1C-Boy & Old Woman------------------------------------------------------------
After the party, the scene goes back to the little boy. And the old woman passes by the scene. This scene seems like telling us that the boy is lonely same as the old woman.

1M2-Toy's Store-----------------------------------------------------------------------
The shopping window of the toys' store makes the boy happy and exciting. But after the store closed, the boy was disappointed…

1M3-Night of The Street-------------------------------------------------------------
After the toys' store scene. The scene goes back to peaceful, quiet and lonely. And the boy walking towards to a house, he is expecting something that he saw before that people is happy getting together and eating foods.

1M4-The Gift---------------------------------------------------------------------------
The boy sees through the window. He saw a old woman she looks very lonely. He took out bread and cheese that he wants to share with the old woman then the old woman invited him to go into her house. Finally, they get together eat bread, cheese and hot tea.