Sunday, October 12, 2014

MC耀宗 My 24 (feat. Szu Yin)

這次與 逆流音樂 Flow Records製作人/HIP-HOP歌手MC耀 宗 Dream Walker合作,幫他編了My 24中間一個小過門,這是我第一次與國內的hip-hop歌手合作,雖然只是短短的間奏,不過玩得很開心very enjoy,期待下次的合作。這是我的修剪版本,
想聽完整曲目請購買耀宗最新專輯【遠走高飛 Go Away Fly Away】My 24是專輯的最後一首。

First collaboration with Flow Records producer
MC耀 宗 Dream Walker, who is also a Taiwan hip-hop singer/songwriter, I helped him arrange a small interlude of the song "My 24" from his latest album "Go Away Fly Away". I had lots of fun working on this song, and looking forward to the next cooperation, this is my trimmed version.
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"MC耀宗" 專輯【遠走高飛 Go Away Fly Away】KKBOX:
"MC耀宗" 專輯【遠走高飛 Go Away Fly Away】販售資訊:…fly-away.html